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(FLAdjuster) Florida Certified Claims Adjuster Licensing Course (FLAdjuster) Florida Certified Claims Adjuster Licensing Course

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Cost: $225.00 (USD)
Estimated Length: 40 hour(s)
Enrollment Valid For: 4 months


The Certified Claims Adjuster licensing program is offered by AE21 Online and the Association of Property & Casualty Claims Professionals (PCCP) under the authority of Florida Statute §626.221 and with the approval of the Florida Department of Financial Services.  This online licensing program is the finest and most comprehensive licensing programs available anywhere in the United States for reinforced learning and application of all lines of insurance and claims adjusting. Completion of this certificate program also allows a prospective licensee to waive the Florida Adjuster Examination and secure a Florida All Lines Adjuster license.

The program is comprised of five sections: Introduction to Claims, Casualty Adjusting, Property Adjusting, Automobile Physical Damage Adjusting, and Residual Markets and Selected Statutes & Rules. Each section offers a sequential, building-block approach to adjuster training that explains insurance principles, identifies factual scenarios with legal and contractual claim exposures, and concludes with best practice applications of claims analysis and adjustment.

Throughout the course, interactive quizzes gauge understanding and retention and refer the student back to parts not fully understood. After completion of each section the student is required to successfully pass a comprehensive exam of that area of study. After all five sections are completed, the student must pass a comprehensive, application-based “case study” that serves as the Final Exam. After passing the final exam, the student will receive a Letter of Designation by email from AE21 Online to submit to Florida’s Department of Financial Services in exchange for a Florida All Lines Adjuster license. It's as simple as that!

Course comes with complete Licensing Instructions and links directly to the Florida Department of Financial Services/Licensing Section.




James W. Greer, CPCU

16011 N. Nebraska Ave., Suite 105
Lutz, FL  33549
(800) 820-4550


  1. Section 1: An Introduction to Claims Adjusting (Online Lesson)
  2. Section 1, Chapters 1-2: The Role of Insurance, the Adjuster, and Claims Practice (Online Lesson)
  3. Section 1: Chapters 3-4: Laws & Rules that Affect Adjusters and Introduction to Property and Liability Insurance (Online Lesson)
  4. Section 1: Chapter 5: Property Insurance Concepts (Online Lesson)
  5. Section 1: Chapter 6: Liability Insurance Concepts (Online Lesson)
  6. Section 1 Exam (Online Lesson)
  7. Section 2: Chapters 1-2: Introduction to Casualty Adjusting and Automobile Liability (Online Lesson)
  8. Section 2: Chapters 3-4: Florida No-Fault/PIP and Business Auto Insurance (Online Lesson)
  9. Section 2: Chapters 5-6: General, Professional, and Homeowners Liability, followed by Boiler & Machinery and Crime & Surety (Online Lesson)
  10. Section 2: Chapter 7: The Origin, Intent, and Injuries of Workers' Compensation (Online Lesson)
  11. Section 2: Chapter 8: The Legal Doctrines and Benefits of Workers' Compensation (Online Lesson)
  12. Section 2 Exam (Online Lesson)
  13. Section 3: Chapters 1-2: Property Adjusting, the Basic Adjusting Calculation, and Dwelling/Homeowners Insurance (Online Lesson)
  14. Section 3: Chapters 3-4: Perils Insured and the Application of Relevant Property Doctrines (Online Lesson)
  15. Section 3: Chapter 5: Homeowners Case Studies (Online Lesson)
  16. Section 3: Chapter 6: Commercial Property Insurance (Online Lesson)
  17. Section 3: Chapter 7: Inland & Ocean Marine Adjusting (Online Lesson)
  18. Section 3: Chapter 8: Introduction to Farm and Flood Insurance (Online Lesson)
  19. Section 3 Exam (Online Lesson)
  20. Section 4: Automobile Physical Damage Adjusting (Online Lesson)
  21. Section 4 Exam (Online Lesson)
  22. Section 5: Health Insurance, Residual Markets, and Selected Statutes & Rules (Online Lesson)
  23. Section 5 Exam (Online Lesson)
  24. Case Study Instructions (Online Lesson)
  25. Case Study #1- Casualty (Online Lesson)
  26. Case Study #2- Property (Online Lesson)
  27. Final Exam Instructions (Online Lesson)
  28. Final Exam (Online Lesson)
  29. Final Exam Acknowledgement and Attestation (Online Lesson)


  1. Florida All-Lines Certified Claims Adjuster "CCA" Designation
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